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How to Get a Strike Every Time in Wii Bowling Sports Resort

Nintendo wii sport bowling game on white background with the wiimote.

There’s no question that Wii Sports Bowling is a fan-favorite that provides hours of challenging fun for all ages. But one thing that escapes the majority of players is the ability to get a strike every single time while playing the game.

Luckily, many Wii Bowling fans have spent all the time and effort needed to figure the game out and have shared some valuable tips and tricks to help everyone get more strikes. 

Note: A strike is never guaranteed, no matter what tips and tricks you take advantage of, but trying what has worked for others can dramatically increase your odds! 

Keep reading for some tips on how to get a strike every time in Wii bowling.

How to Get a Strike Every Time in Wii Bowling

The bowler wears a red shirt and is bowling a red bowling ball and released the ball just in time.

Fine-Tune Your Settings

When positioning your Mii character, ensure you’ve selected the correct settings. For example, if you want to move your character from right to left, make sure you have “move” selected. Likewise, if you’d like to angle your character, have “turn” selected.

Look for the red line that appears to help guide you as you move your Mii in line with the last two grooves on the bowling alley floor. If you’re not sure what these are, they look like they are a bit closer to each other than all of the other grooves.

Next, press the “B” button and get the ball to roll its hardest by getting to the top of the meter. Then, you’ll want to throw the ball when the Mii character’s arm is straight down. When you can master your speed and release, this strategy will typically result in a strike.

Hook the Ball

Position your Mii, so it’s directly in line with the second to last brown dot closest to the foul line. Hold your controller in front of you and keep it level with your eye. Make sure that the sensor is aimed up toward the ceiling.

Hold down the “B” button and swing the Wiimote down by your side, going back a few inches behind your hips. Next, swing your arm forward, twist your wrist to the left, and let go of the “B” button right around your belly button level.

You should notice that this swing gives your ball a hook to be able to strike the center pin, triggering pin carry or a cascading effect that knocks down all of the other pins.

This method can be tricky to master. If you’ve got a great throw but just miss out on strikes each time, try variations of your starting position. 

Take Your Bowling Style Into Consideration

Get to know your bowling style. Even though you’re playing virtual bowling doesn’t mean that you don’t have natural instinct and style when you throw. If you notice your ball hooks each time you play, you can use that hook to your advantage.

When you aim for the closest pin while throwing with a hook, you have a better chance of getting a strike than someone with a straight throw might have. This is because a hook comes at the pins at an angle, giving the falling pins a better opportunity to knock down the other ones on either side.

The BEST WAY To GET A STRIKE On Wii Sports Bowling! (In Depth Tutorial + Perfect Game)

Play at an Angle

Keep it simple. Move all the way to the side of the lane that’s the same as your throwing hand. For example, if you’re right-handed, move all the way to the right.

If you’re a left-handed player, move all the way to the left. Then throw the ball at an angle to hit between the first and second pins in the front. No hooking is necessary. 

Give it a shot and make adjustments to your particular method of throwing. Once you find your stride, you could get to the point where you get a strike every time! 

The male bowler in the blue shirt, released the orange bowling ball with his arm pointing straight and just the right amount of speed and arm swings for the strike

Make a Plan Based on What Is Working

Create a blueprint base on what you did on any turn that ends up being a strike. You’ll want to pay attention to your physical position, how you swung the Wiimote, where you were positioned on the lane, the exact point you released your ball, and any other factor that may have contributed to your strike.

Once you’ve registered and mastered all of this, you will have figured out your own personal strike formula. Pay attention to what works (and what doesn’t work) and make a note of it.

You can even keep your own Wii Bowling strike journal to help you keep track of your progress. Then, when you’re finally racking up strike after strike, you’ll be glad you invested in the time and effort to of the details to give you your first perfect game!

Bowl Slightly Off-Center

If you happen to bowl a straight line without a hook, you can still get a strike. You’ll want to begin by zooming in on the lane. Next, use the remote to move yourself to the right or left so that you’re one arrow from the center.

Then you’re about ready to throw. Make sure you swing and release the ball as straight as possible right when your swing reaches the front of your hip. The goal is to hit two or more pins so that they knock into other pins, creating a domino effect to get you a strike.

The male bowler in the white tshirt bowling ball deflected off of the first pin and has one pin remaining.

Play the Game a Lot

You need to practice. Any of these methods can work, but only if a player takes the time to practice. Practice usually leads to improvement, but in this case, it can make perfect!

Try not to get frustrated if you’re not getting strikes right away. These tips are guidelines that describe what’s worked for other players. Of course, your throw and style might not be a carbon copy of theirs, so you should pay attention to your own game. 

Try different positions, arm swings, and release points until you start to have success. Then, you might not only be on your way to bowling your first perfect game, but you may also develop your own strike secrets for others to try.

Don’t be afraid to even try to swing the Wiimote in the opposite direction.

I tried to bowl two perfect games in a row (in wii bowling)

Get Connected

Connect with other Wii Bowling players or start your own team. There’s no better way to play, learn and try out new ideas than from other bowling enthusiasts. Most players are happy to share the tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way!

Get Some Real-Life Practice In

Practice with a real bowling ball to get a good feel of how you should throw the ball. Yes, a Wiimote is vastly different from a bowling ball, but ignore that for a moment.

Going through the motions is the most important thing to learn when you do this.

Understanding how to control and move the ball will translate into how you hold the remote to aim and release the ball. This tip might seem silly, but it does actually help in understanding the mechanisms of bowling, whether in real life or in a video game.

You’d be surprised at how well you play Wii Bowling after getting some strikes at a real bowling alley! Again, this is not a foolproof tactic, but it’s definitely worth a shot. 

The middle arrow on the floor all glow a different color.

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Finally, let’s get real here – getting a strike every time in Wii will take a ton of time and practice with a bit of trial and error. You’ll probably be tired of the game before you’re able to brag about your accomplishment.

However, if you really love the game and don’t mind getting immersed in it, all you really have to do is take the blueprints of what’s been successful for others and tweak it to fit your bowling style.

We hope that you found this article to be helpful, and we wish you the best as you get those Wii strikes!