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About Bowling for Beginners

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Our Purpose:

To remain the comprehensive resource that ignites beginner bowlers with confidence, knowledge, and skills to get higher bowling scores.

Our Vision:

To remain the trusted and authoritative online bowling resource for individuals stepping onto the bowling lanes for the first time.

Our Mission:

To continue to empower beginner bowlers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to get higher bowling scores. 

Since 2018, Bowling for Beginners understood the importance of clear, concise, and organized content needed in the bowling space. That’s why we have carefully structured our platform to provide you with a step-by-step approach to mastering the fundamentals of bowling.

From reviewing bowling alley shoes to selecting the perfect bowling ball that provides greater hooking action to fine-tuning essential techniques, we aim to make the learning process seamless and enjoyable for friends like you.

We believe in making the bowling journey enjoyable and stress-free, allowing you to focus on the pattern of consistency and repetition that leads to higher bowling scores, and in order, for you to get the most from us, you have to give yourself permission to relearn, adapt, lean forward (not fail), and take the very next step to make progress.

To simplify the complexities of bowling, our proprietary blueprint breaks down four bowling topics into simple, actionable steps. This blueprint has helped bowlers improve their games and scores. Even with all its simpleness and calls to action, it still requires some things from you: dedication and practice. 

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As you explore Bowling for Beginners, you can look forward to learning and experimenting with different bowling techniques, approaches, shoe choices, and more. The process of creating your bowling style will bring focus and clarity, revealing the patterns that work best for you. 

To improve your experience, we have organized our very best content in one place. These articles are filled with sound advice and practical tips that you can use to enhance your ability to score higher points.

From understanding bowling oil patterns and proper ball-holding techniques to exploring bowling ball sizes and weights, we have covered it all for you here: 

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“Bowling is a game of one. I compete against myself. People’s score has no effect on my score”, Kira Byrd, Founder & CEO

Bowling For Beginners’ founder and CEO is Kira Byrd. She’s an everyday woman, wife, mother, daughter, and sister and bowling is an integral part of her life. She strives to make the world of bowling a better place through her online leverage and personal experiences, and she values your readership and engagement.

If you’re interested in working with Bowling for Beginners, Kira, or have any business inquiries, connect with her at 1 (844) 424-BOWL (2695) or via email at

Your involvement and feedback are what keep Bowling For Beginners going.

Mailing Address

Bowling For Beginners (B4B)

4614 Hwy 280 #1123

Birmingham, AL 35242

1 (844) 424-BOWL

Thank you for allowing Bowling for Beginners to be your trusted online bowling resource! Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, improving our skills and enjoying the wonderful world of bowling.


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