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Statue of Liberty Oil Pattern: How to Play (Attack) and 6 Things You Need to Know

Seven visible lanes for sport shot league bowling

A bowling lane’s oil pattern can drastically affect any bowler’s performance. That’s why it’s important to learn all you can about the oil patterns you may face and how to master them.

Today, the oil pattern in question is the Statue of Liberty. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about it and how you can adjust your game to roll strike after strike!

Statue of Liberty Oil Pattern

Kegel’s Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular and is named after the Statue of Liberty because it loosely resembles its shape.

The Statue of Liberty oil pattern is the longest pattern in the Landmark challenge oil pattern series, stretching 47′ long (that’s 47′ of the 60′ lane) in length. The first tenth of the bowling lane is oiled heavily and evenly from end to end (horizontally). The rest of the lane is oiled in an upside-down “V” shape with heavier oil in the middle.

Fun Fact: The Eiffel Tower sport pattern is known to be the longest oil pattern of the Landmark sport series.

Pattern details of the landmark challenge series for kegel statue of liberty
Kegel Statue of Liberty
#222 7/7/17 Cliff Dukes vs Ryan Hernandez King of the Hill TV Finals on 47ft Statue of Liberty

The Main Benefit of Bowling on the Statue of Liberty Oil Pattern

Wondering what makes the Statute of Liberty pattern so great? It’s challenging but not impossible to master. It is designed to challenge even the best bowlers while providing a fair and fun experience for those of all skill levels. It forces you to develop new techniques and strategies to get your ball to do what you want on the lane.

The oil pattern is great for avid bowlers and aspiring pros because it will help them learn and improve much faster than if they were to bowl on an easier pattern. Make no mistake – this oil pattern is tricky. But it is designed in a way that allows you to slowly get better and better with each game. 

The orange ball is released in the middle of the pattern, where there is more oil concentrated.

The Drawbacks of Bowling on the Statue of Liberty Oil Pattern

Though the Statue of Liberty oil pattern has its perks, there are some real drawbacks to consider. First, it can quickly inspire frustration among beginners. Another thing most would consider a con for the alley is that it requires a Flex Machine, which not every bowling center/alley has.

Therefore, bowlers may have inconsistent experiences with the Statue of Liberty oil pattern depending on where they bowl. This can be a major drawback for you if you’ve been itching to roll a few on an authentic Statue of Liberty shot. 

Most long patterns require a narrower throw to avoid the gutters. Straighter.

Is the Statue of Liberty Oil Pattern for Beginners?

The Statue of Liberty oil pattern is not for all beginners. If you’ve never rolled a bowling ball in your life and take your first few rolls on the Statue of Liberty shot, you just might give up bowling altogether.

It can be incredibly hard to get a strike on this oil pattern. But the story may go a bit differently if you have bowled a few times and are ready for a challenge. You may be able to adjust your throw to rack up some points.

How to Bowl on the Statue of Liberty Oil Pattern

The Statue of Liberty oil pattern is an excellent choice for bowlers who want to challenge themselves. And with a lot of time and practice, you’ll be able to master the lane conditions and roll your way to some strikes. But you don’t have to start entirely from scratch.

Here are some tips to give you a head start!

  1. Choose the right ball. The Statue of Liberty oil pattern is designed for use with a heavier ball, so don’t be afraid to choose a ball that’s a pound or two heavier than your usual choice. Don’t go too heavy, or you’ll lose control of the ball or injure yourself. Also, too reactive balls can result in gutter ball after gutter ball – go with urethane or a spare ball with a symmetrical core. 
  2. Play narrow. Because the oil is heavier in the middle of the lane, you’ll want to play it on the straight and narrow side, narrower than you would on other oil patterns. You’ve got to do all you can to keep your ball from veering to either side, or the gutters will be calling your name. This means you’ll need to throw straighter – this can be a challenge if you usually spin the ball on your release. But the straighter you bowl, in this case, the better your odds of clearing those pins. This aspect of the oil pattern is good for beginners since rolling straight is typically the first thing people learn when just starting out in the sport. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to use a little less power. Since the Statue of Liberty oil pattern requires a relatively heavy ball (the heavier, the better), you don’t need to throw it with a lot of force if you have one. If you’re used to throwing the ball as hard as possible, this may be a tough adjustment. But trust us – adjusting will be worth it in the long run.
  4. Be patient. The key to success on the Statue of Liberty oil pattern is patience. If you try to force the issue and bowl for speed, you’ll only get more gutters. But if you take your time and focus intently on each shot, you’ll slowly start to improve and find your groove.
  5. Adjust your grip. You may need to adjust your ball grip to ensure you’re getting the most control possible. For some bowlers, that means switching to the standard grip; for others, it means trying the semi-fingertip or fingertip grip.
  6. Get in a lot of practice. The only way to really get good at bowling on the Statue of Liberty oil pattern is to practice, practice, practice. So, if you’re serious about improving your game, hit the lanes often and bowl on this pattern as much as possible.
How To Bowl Better On Long Oil Patterns

This is a lot to remember, but we encourage you to keep these steps in mind for the best results. If you remember, this is one of the long patterns, and it’s best to keep the ball straight; in addition to following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to earning high scores on the Statue of Liberty pattern. 

Where to Play on the Statue of Liberty Oil Pattern

Now that you know how to adjust your skills, it’s time to find a place to play. This pattern can be found in bowling alleys across America, so no matter where you are in the states, you should be able to find a place to try it.

But don’t assume that your local bowling alley is automatically set up for this pattern – give them a call ahead of time and ask which pattern(s) are used that day.

And if you’re adamant about playing the shot the way it was designed to be played, ask the bowling alley whether they use a Flex machine. If they don’t, the pattern may not be super precise. Otherwise, you’re good to go if they say yes!

Because of the concentrated oil, the statue of liberty pattern will play a slicker.

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So there you have everything you need to know about how to bowl on the Statue of Liberty oil pattern. Remember that even if you’re a beginner, with some determination and practice, you can master this pattern after some time.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and that it gives you an edge the next time you’re at the bowling alley. We wish you the best as you continue your journey to becoming a great bowler!